Born on June 1st, 1995, in the vibrant cityscape of Los Angeles, California, Josh Hernandez, known to the world as Mad Charcoal, emerges as a luminary in the realm of expressive abstract realist portraiture. From a young age, Josh displayed an unwavering devotion to his craft, sketching away tirelessly with a pencil, creating chaotic yet mesmerizing drawings infused with elements of realism. Seeking avenues for his creative expression, he delved into graphic design, mastering digital illustration and branding. After a successful career as an art director for prestigious brands and music artists, Josh rekindled his passion for drawing and painting in his mid-twenties, sharing his work with the world through social media. His distinctive style, characterized by a harmonious blend of chaos and symphony, quickly captivated audiences, amassing over 8 million followers. With worldwide acclaim propelling him towards his true calling, Josh transitioned into a full-time pursuit of fine art, leaving behind his graphic design roots. Now, a mere three years later, his evocative creations adorn exhibitions and collections globally, marking the beginning of an extraordinary artistic journey.


Husband to Jordan Hernandez [1999]
Father of 2, Joa [2022] and Joji [2023]