Born June 1st, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, residing in Phoenix, arizona. Josh Hernandez, also known as Mad Charcoal is an expressive abstract realist portrait painter and drawer. 


As a child Josh was one to never put down his pencil sketching away impressive amounts of chaotic drawings, free flowing with elements of realism. Seeking a creative outlet in his work, he turned to graphic design specializing in digital illustration and branding. After a thorough education and profession in design as an art director for many accredited brands and music artists, he revisited his deep passion for drawing and painting in his mid 20s sharing his work through social media. He quickly gained an exceptional audience of over 8 million followers through his chaotic and symphonic drawing and painting process, mesmerizing viewers with a delicate balance of realism and abstract expressionism swiftly moving through the pieces. Most of which are left with a vast amount of initial abstract strokes piercing through the carefully detailed elements of the portraits. His world wide exposure lead to his shift into a full time career pursuing his initial passion of fine art, leaving behind his background and work in graphic design. Only 3 years later his work has been exhibited and collected worldwide, but this is only the beginning. 

Husband to Jordan Hernandez [24]
Father of 2, Joa [20months] and Joji [5 months]




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